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How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #8)

Smell like a gent.

Bathing and brushing your teeth is not enough. Being clean is a baseline for acceptability in society. And wearing deodorant is not up for debate. Smelling like a man isn’t the goal. Smelling like a gentleman is what you want. So step it up. Wear cologne and always have breath mints or gum in your mouth. Make sure your clothes are clean and not soured. Make sure your laundry detergent is strong enough to remove odors. They sell sprays for deodorizing the underarms of shirts. If your shoes stink, sprinkle some talcum powder in them or buy stronger stuff specifically designed for shoes. If you have a car, don’t let all the pizza and tacos it once held be represented by the hideous lingering aroma. They make air freshener specifically for vehicles. Everything about you should be pleasant. Smell is very important. Don’t underestimate it.

Gent Tips

How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #7)

Look beyond the looks.

Don’t be satisfied by a pretty face. Try to find a mind worth engaging. Conversations are worth more than even the most severe physical attraction. The words you share are what will last the longest anyway. One of the most beautiful women and most wonderful relationships I ever had was known to me almost entirely long-distance. I rarely saw her face. But the words we shared are among my most cherished memories. Find someone who wants to talk about ideas and dreams and hopes and fears. Find someone whose mind and words make you fall in love much more than her looks.

Gent Tips

How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #6)

NEVER send “hey” as a first text.

You might as well be saying “I have the attention span of a gnat, the elegance of dog vomit, a room-temperature IQ, and have neither the desire nor ability to add any value to anyone’s life. Please talk to me.” Don’t be that guy. The many facets of texting are too long for a single daily “tip,” but for now I think this is the most important one to know. I will soon dedicate an entire article to this topic.

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How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #5)

Know when not to find a joke funny.

You should’ve stopped laughing at bodily functions and jokes related to them many years ago. And there are some jokes you shouldn’t tell in front of a lady. “Mixed company” used to mean something. There were once rules for when and where things were said an not said. I’ll fill you in on the archaic concept in a full article soon.

Gent Tips

How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #4)

Receive Compliments Well.

When receiving a compliment, take “thank you” up a notch by adding “that means a lot.” Or you can ditch the thanks all together and give a return compliment such as “aren’t you so sweet!” or “that’s very kind of you to say!” When someone says something nice to you, you want to make it a pleasant experience. People usually say nice things because they think nice things about the person to whom they are paying a compliment. They probably want to make you feel better about yourself. If you express your gratitude in a way that ends up praising the other person, you’ll make them feel better about themselves. They’ll be back to shower you with more compliments soon.

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How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #3)

Use The Best Words.

Find the nicest version of words, especially a word describing something unpleasant. Every word is a picture and each picture you paint becomes associated with you. So make sure your words represent the image you want to portray. A simple example would be, instead of the word “zit” or “pimple,” say “blemish.” Isn’t that better? And keep some words entirely out of your vocabulary. Foul language and profanity are almost always unnecessary.

Gent Tips

How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #2)

Give Her Your Coat.

If you see a lady shivering or complaining of being cold, don’t ask if she’d like to wear your sweater, jacket, suit coat, etc. She’ll say no almost every time. Instead, take the clothing item off and extend it in your hand toward her and tell her to put it on. Don’t demand, but telling instead of asking gives you an air of confidence, concern, and leadership. And any guilt she may feel if you offer to take off your warm coat will no longer be a factor if you’ve already done it. If she declines, don’t argue more than once. The point is to be considerate.

*Bonus Tip: make sure the article of clothing is in good condition and smells good. It represents you so make sure it’s doing a good job.