Necessary Accessories

The Pocket Square

The easiest way to take your suit game to the next level is with something in that suit jacket breast pocket. Yes, the pocket is real. It’s just sewn shut. Carefully take a small knife blade and gently pull the threads apart until the pocket completely opens. If you’re not sure how or are too scared to mess up your suit, ask the suit salesperson, a tailor, someone’s mom, an older dapper gent. Someone you know has experience with these things. Once that bad boy’s open, fill it with a handkerchief or pocket square. And try to get a bit of color in there. We recommend something like this:


A bit of red makes an understated look pop without being over-the-top.

Necessary Accessories

A Shoe Horn

Know what this is?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. This, my friends, is a shoe horn. This is a beautiful invention for the gentleman. Stop breaking the backs of your shoes when your feet force themselves into the classy footwear you’re hopefully wearing. Simply place this tool against the inside of the heel, slip your foot in the shoe, remove the horn, and lace up those gorgeous leather kicks. You don’t have to get the one I highlighted above. I have a bright red plastic one in my bag that I keep with me at all times. But I highly recommend you get one somewhere soon and add to your awesomeness.