Gent Tips

How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #6)

NEVER send “hey” as a first text.

You might as well be saying “I have the attention span of a gnat, the elegance of dog vomit, a room-temperature IQ, and have neither the desire nor ability to add any value to anyone’s life. Please talk to me.” Don’t be that guy. The many facets of texting are too long for a single daily “tip,” but for now I think this is the most important one to know. I will soon dedicate an entire article to this topic.

Gent Tips

How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #5)

Know when not to find a joke funny.

You should’ve stopped laughing at bodily functions and jokes related to them many years ago. And there are some jokes you shouldn’t tell in front of a lady. “Mixed company” used to mean something. There were once rules for when and where things were said an not said. I’ll fill you in on the archaic concept in a full article soon.

Tie Tuesday

Flowers On Flowers On Flowers On Flowers


Happy Tie Tuesday!

This tie is one of my absolute favorites.

Also featured is one of my new favorites, the lapel flower by Mahoosive Wooden Bowties.


I was in Fort Smith, Arkansas for a singing engagement and my group was shopping for shoes in the mall. I saw this tie in all its glory and had to have it. But I had  no money. I took a picture of it and sent it to my mother, who went to her local department store of the same name, and bought the twin. Be kind to your mother.


Gent Tips

How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #4)

Receive Compliments Well.

When receiving a compliment, take “thank you” up a notch by adding “that means a lot.” Or you can ditch the thanks all together and give a return compliment such as “aren’t you so sweet!” or “that’s very kind of you to say!” When someone says something nice to you, you want to make it a pleasant experience. People usually say nice things because they think nice things about the person to whom they are paying a compliment. They probably want to make you feel better about yourself. If you express your gratitude in a way that ends up praising the other person, you’ll make them feel better about themselves. They’ll be back to shower you with more compliments soon.

Gent Tips

How To Be A Gentleman (Tip #3)

Use The Best Words.

Find the nicest version of words, especially a word describing something unpleasant. Every word is a picture and each picture you paint becomes associated with you. So make sure your words represent the image you want to portray. A simple example would be, instead of the word “zit” or “pimple,” say “blemish.” Isn’t that better? And keep some words entirely out of your vocabulary. Foul language and profanity are almost always unnecessary.